How many guests can the Banquet Hall accommodate?

  1. The Banquet Hall is best suited to the more intimate event.  The ideal number of guests is best kept at 100 or less.  For performances, group meetings, and cocktail-style parties, the number can be larger.  The event kind and layout will determine.

How much does it cost?

  1. Wedding receptions involve considerably more time and staff resources on our part to manage.  Also, a greater part of the day is set aside for them than other types of special events, and thus they’re more expensive.  That said... our rates are excellent!

  2. For 2018 bookings made before June 1st, the hall rental rate for a wedding reception is just $750.00!  Taxes & options extra.  For evening parties and special occasions, the usual hall rental rate is much less than that.

  3. Upon signing the Hall Rental Agreement, we require a $250.00 non-refundable deposit and a cheque for the balance postdated to a month before the event.

  4. If you cancel three months or more before the event, we’ll return your postdated cheque, with thanks.   Your deposit is still good for two years, however.  You can book with us another time and not lose anything.  Deposits are not transferrable.

  5. To see a list of our wedding package prices:  [CLICK HERE]

  6. To see a list of our parties & celebrations package prices:  [CLICK HERE]

Do you offer catering services?  Is self-catering allowed?

  1. Alas! we do not cater ourselves.  There are a host of fine firms in Ottawa which specialise in providing excellent banquet fare.  Some we’ve witnessed do an excellent job for our clients are mentioned on our “Recommended Services” page.

  2. Sometimes, clients prefer to have family and friends prepare the reception banquet.  Self-catered events are welcome at the Westboro Masonic Hall.  For self-catered receptions, we have kitchen goods (i.e. dishes, cutlery, cups, glasses, coffee maker, chafing dishes, etc.) sufficient for 100 guests or so.  We even have tablecloths (as long as your favourite colour is white).  All are available for a modest fee.

Do you have beverage service?

  1. Yes.  Ours are Licenced premises; Ontario Liquor Laws apply.  Consumption of alcohol other than that sold by the licence holder on the premises is forbidden.  We keep a good supply of beers, wines and spirits and our prices are excellent.  There is a 10% gratuity applied to open bars.  To see our bar prices:  [ CLICK HERE ]

When do we have use of the Hall?

  1. For wedding receptions we make the Banquet Hall available after 2:00 PM to allow for set-up by your caterer, florist, DJ, photographer, your family and friends.  For evening events the hall is available to you at 6:00 PM.  Tables and chairs are set up for you before you arrive.  At 1:00 AM or so the barman will announce last call, and the premises need to be vacated by 1:30 AM.  These times can vary by special arrangement.

Is parking available?

  1. Yes.  There’s lots of free parking.

Is the Hall close to public transit?

  1. The Number 50 Route stops right at the front door and Number 11 Bus Route runs down Richmond Road just one block away.

Is the Hall wheelchair accessible?

  1. No.  But the main Banquet Hall is just 3½ steps up from the street, and bathrooms and kitchen are all on the same floor.


What we provide:

  1. Just about everything is included when you hold your event with us.  Your job is to enjoy your special occasion; ours is to relieve you of a lot of the detail managing it.

  2. Our main contribution to your reception is, if course, our splendid Banquet Hall.  There is no extra charge for the use of our tables, chairs, lectern, or for set-up.

  3. Ours are licenced premises, so there is no Special Occasion Permit to get, and our barmen are SmartServe accredited.  We can handle anything from an open bar to a cash bar, and everything in-between.

  4. We coordinate with those helping you, like your planner, caterer, florist, decorator, photographer, DJ, emcee, and others, and are pleased to do so at no charge.

Recommended Services:

  1. Caterers, planners, florists, DJs, stationers, emcees, are all specialty services - some would even apply the term “indispensable” to them.  These, regrettably, are all services we do not provide.

  2. We do have a list, however, of companies and professionals which perform these services and who have received glowing recommendations from our clients in the past.  We are pleased to provide our list to you to make your planning process easier.  We receive no commission or fee for doing so.

Essential and Extra Services We CAN Provide as Optional extras:

  1. Here are some of the things you may need for your special event:

  2. Tablecloths

  3. Chair covers

  4. Wedding arch

  5. Professional sound system (just plug in your laptop!  We have the cable.)

  6. Ceiling-mounted wireless HD projector and huge projection screen

  7. We have a BIG kitchen and all the things you’ll need if you want to use our ‘kitchen goods’ including cutlery, dishes, glasses, serving utensils, chafing dishes, as well as a commercial dishwasher and fridge and gas convection oven.

Licenced Wedding Officiant Services:

  1. The Westboro Masonic Hall is pleased to be associated with Kes Smith who is licenced to perform civil as well as religious wedding ceremonies in Ontario.  Kes has performed a wide variety of ceremonies and offers a host of personalized services to her clients.  (She also made the lovely wedding arch for us!)

  2. She can be contacted at:  Kes.Smith@bell.net  or by telephone: (613) 823-4524.