Westboro Masonic Hall
At the Heart of Westboro since 1924

430 Churchill Avenue N., Ottawa, ON   CANADA     K1Z 5C9

Serving the Community

Standing at the corner of Byron and Churchill Avenues in Ottawa since 1924, built by the Masons of Ionic and Acacia Lodges whose names appear on the front of the building  proudly embossed in stone, the Westboro Masonic Hall has seen the city literally grow up around it.

For many years, the Hall was used almost exclusively for Masonic Lodge events.  In 2008, the front doors were opened wide to let the neighbouring community join us inside.  The result has been an amazing and uplifting success story.

Today, the Westboro Masonic Hall is home to five hundred Masons in five Masonic Lodges, an Order of the Eastern Star and the Knights Templar Masons, each sponsoring their own fine charitable works.

As well, joining us are a local church and several community, health and fitness, dance, special interest and professional organisations.

It also serves as venue for many large professional musical shows and entertainments.  Scores of wedding receptions, private parties, business and community group and meetings are also held here every year.